My name is Gonzalo, played by me, a non published author and lawyer. I find myself in a fantastic Alice in Wonderland experience when my daily, uninspired life literally begun to unravel. I was thrown into crisis, questioning the fundamental premises of my life? that the reality I had believed in about how humans are, how relationships with others should be, dating, mating and how my emotions were affecting my work isn't reality at all!

viernes, noviembre 18, 2005


Im nin'alu Dal thae na di vim Dal thae na di vim Dal thae ma rom Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Staring up into the heavens In this hell that binds your hands Will you sacrifice your comfort? Make your way in a foreign land? Wrestle with your darkness Angels call your name Can you hear what they're saying? Will you ever be the same? Mmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Mmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Remember, remember, never forget All of your life has all been a test You will find a gate that's open Even though your spirit's broken Open up your heart And cause my lips to speak Bring the heaven and the stars Down to Earth for me Im nin'alu Dal thae na di vim Mmmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Mmmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Mmmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Mmmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu El hi El hi Mmmmmmmm (chant) Mmmmmmmm (chant) Mmmmmmmm (chant) Mmmmmmmm (chant) (chant) Wrestle with your darkness Angels call your name Can you hear what they are saying? Will you ever be the same? Mmmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Mmmmmmmm Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu Im nin'alu Im nin'aaalu


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